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Charcoal Detox

A detox process service that rids of all dry and calloused skin while removing toxins from your feet with a powerful property of charcoal found in Gena’s Spa Detox System. This process involves a charcoal soak, charcoal scrub, and a charcoal mask. Finished with a hot stone massage, para n wax. Polish included. $60/pedicure | $30/manicure


Using an antioxidant element like argon oil and botanical extracts includes a sugar scrub, dead sea salt soak, moisture mask and massage cream which will leave your skin hydrated and smooth. Hot stone mas- sage. Para n wax and polish included.

$60/pedicure | $30/manicure


Start with soaking in a warm milk bath, followed by exfoliating with sugar scrub and a honey mask. Helps with hydrating skin and adds more moisture. Hot stone massage. Para n wax. Polish included.

$60/pedicure | $30/manicure


Begin with soaking in bubbles followed by exfoliating the skin with the sugar scrub essential oils that renew the texture of the skin and enhance vibrancy. The collagen cream mask to draw out any remaining impuri- ties while followed by a collagen organic massage lotion which soothes and helps hydrate the skin. Polish Included.

$58/pedicure | $28/manicure


The rosemary mint pedicure/manicure revives aching feet/hands by using the power of nature. Soak with fresh mint leaves and rosemary sprigs while cooling the skin and improving the circulation, followed by a gentle scrub and an added massage. Polish Included.

$55/pedicure | $28/manicure


Bath your feet/hands with a lavender aromatherapy treatment with fresh mint and slices of cucumber. A soft exfoliation with a lavender sugar scrub. Massage from knee to toes/elbow to ngers, and enjoy! Polish Included.

$50/pedicure | $28/manicure


Soak your feet/hands in warm water. Gentle exfoliation with organic melon scrub. Cucumber melon cream will be used to regenerate skin cells and soften deep into the skin. Massage with hot stones. Polish Includ- ed.

$50/pedicure | $28/manicure


Premium sugar exfoliation infused with the vitamin and antioxidant bene ts of raspberry pomegranate while stimulating collagen production and improve skin immunity. A hydrating wrap and para n treatment. Polish Included.

$45/pedicure | $25/manicure


This treatment creates a oral essence while soaking in rose pedals followed by a rose scrub to exfoliate dry skin. Followed with Shea Butter deep foot/hand massage. Polish Included.

$45/pedicure | $25/manicure


Relax and experience the aromatherapy of mandarin. This citrus treatment will feel rejuvenating. The exfo- liation of the specialty scrub then followed with a warm mandarin blend yogurt mud mask treatment. Fin- ished with a massage cream. Polish Included.

$38/pedicure | $25/manicure


Soaking in warm water revives the feet/hands and a full exfoliation scrub to help soften the skin. Relax-ing massage with a deep hydrating lotion. Nail shaping with cuticle care touch with Polish applied.

$28/pedicure | $15/manicure Callous removal. Add $5/$5  11 and under $20/$10

Artificial nails 

Acrylic from $35 | Solar acrylic from $32
Gel from $35 | Dipping from  $35  | Polish Change from $8  


Full set $120 | refills starting $30
Eyebrows tint $15 | Eyelashes tint $25  | Eyebrows & eyelashes $35 | Eyelash lift (perm) $50 



Eyebrows:  $10 | Legs from $35
Face $8 & up  | Brazilian  $45 & up   | Arms from $25 | Side Burns $16